Golden Gate Bridge

Must visit is San Francisco.

The best place to be on the west coast. So red so bright.. so serene and so gigantic..

The best way too see the bridge is through its welcome centre. Metered Parking is easily available on the other side of the road.
Take a windcheater or pullover if you plan to walk on the bridge as it gets very windy at times.

Take a small drive to Baker beach or Vista point to see good views.
Beautiful place to run or walk. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!!! What an experience!!!

Walking across the bridge is an absolute must of "things to do" when in town. I only walked half way across, as suggested by a worker at the visitors center. It was just enough. It was pure fun! The view is amazing. Photography is difficult in many sections due to the wire fence (to keep you from jumping?) but there are enough open areas for photography needs. You can also ride a bike across with clearly marked bike/walking paths. I went independently (no tour group) using public transport. It was easy and fast.
Visited this place late in the evening. It was like dream come true. The whole ambience around the place is so spectacular. It's as if you've seen it in movies and feels unreal to be there in person.
You should definitely visit the place if you're in SF. Also visit the park nearby. I just wished the shops here remained open a little longer, it was hard to find water bottle late evening.
A beautiful display of architecture and human ingenuity! I walked across this bridge a couple times with my daughter and had such a good time. Of course, you have to deal with some real pieces of work -while they ride by you at a high speed on their bikes. But once your safe from the bikers, enjoy the views and soak it up.
It's a nice bridge. The color is satisfying. It feels pretty long in traffic even though it doesn't look THAT long. Then you try to walk along it and realize it's actually pretty long. If you like walking and bridges and looking at San Francisco, it's a great way to spend the day. If not, you'll probably take some pictures then realize you want to do other things throughout the day and go somewhere else. Or maybe you'll use a bike. Those are nice too.

It really is a pretty cool bridge. But keep in mind it's just a bridge.