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Golden Gate Bridge

Good place to visit and hangout with family and friends. The “Golden Gate” refers to the strait through which boats go to enter the Bay. It was originally named by U.S. army officer John Fremont in 1846.
The hills surroundings the bridge are themselves golden in color much of the year and when the sun is at the right angle it has an extremely beautiful golden glow. The bridge is simply the bridge that spans the Golden Gate Strait.
The Golden Gate bridge is regularly painted. Every state in the United States has a bridge maintenance and inspection plan.
When built, it was the bridge with the longest span bridge in the world till 1964. Now it is the ninth-longest suspension bridge in the world. It is famous for its extraordinary design.
One can swim, across the strait but completely at one's own risk. One can come in at Fort Baker on the North side or at Ft Point on the South. Both are rocky entries and you should visit and enter them during daylight.
An absolute marvel of a structure. The views are amazing in all directions. The walkway apparently runs two miles from one end to the other. If driving, the speed limit is 45 mph (no more than that). It's usually packed with pedestrians and traffic due to its popularity and only means of passage from the Marin County side to San Francisco. Travel from San Francisco to Marin County is free but there's a toll charged every time you travel back into San Francisco.
Definitely worth the trip if you find yourself in the Golden state! I was lucky enough to arrive when the golden poppies were blooming. Could have used a little more sun but the governor assured me that next time he would see to it. Coming from the north side of the bay pull off to the right before reaching the bridge to drive up this picturesque winding road that takes you to some pretty fabulous vistas and overlooks. Keep your eyes open for large birds soaring on the air currents below you as you watch great ships sail to and from the bay and Pacific.
One of the best bridges in the world. Breathtaking views, refreshing breeze, great place to hangout with family and friends. The bridge has a great history - this is the must visit during your visit to the West coast. Magnificent orange color stands out in the midst of the ocean. You can cover this on foot, bicycle or open buses - you will love it in all the forms.
One of those iconic landmarks that is part of our consciousness. It's like meeting an old friend that turns out to be more magnificent than you anticipated. A really wonderful piece of human engineering. In case you are were wondering, I really enjoyed meeting this bridge. Brilliant.

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