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Golden Gate Bridge

Good place to visit and hangout with family and friends. The “Golden Gate” refers to the strait through which boats go to enter the Bay. It was originally named by U.S. army officer John Fremont in 1846.
The hills surroundings the bridge are themselves golden in color much of the year and when the sun is at the right angle it has an extremely beautiful golden glow. The bridge is simply the bridge that spans the Golden Gate Strait.
The Golden Gate bridge is regularly painted. Every state in the United States has a bridge maintenance and inspection plan.
When built, it was the bridge with the longest span bridge in the world till 1964. Now it is the ninth-longest suspension bridge in the world. It is famous for its extraordinary design.
One can swim, across the strait but completely at one's own risk. One can come in at Fort Baker on the North side or at Ft Point on the South. Both are rocky entries and you should visit and enter them during daylight.
Must visit is San Francisco.

The best place to be on the west coast. So red so bright.. so serene and so gigantic..

The best way too see the bridge is through its welcome centre. Metered Parking is easily available on the other side of the road.
Take a windcheater or pullover if you plan to walk on the bridge as it gets very windy at times.

Take a small drive to Baker beach or Vista point to see good views.
This is a great place to spend a day. Lots of walking path' s and the views are amazing. Bring a lunch or hit up the cafe near the visitor center, or walk down to the old air field and have lunch down there. The Fort under the Bridge was only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which didn't work with our visit.
Best part of the bridge is the walk on it. Yes you can also take nice pics. Please make sure you wear a good jacket as mostly it's windy. Plan trip bases on weather. Sunny days are super nice
Loved it! I walked across the bridge with a friend recently and it was such an awesome experience. One side of the bridge was for pedestrians and another side for bikes. There are places to stop and take pictures as well as a guest area prior to walking the bridge. It was a pleasant experience and I plan to do it again soon.

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Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

Anna C.
I love this place. It's like jumping in a total victorian dimension, if it wasn't that no one is wearing Victorian clothes, me included.
I could not stop...
Ida A.
Criminally bad food. The kind of food that makes you check the toilet the next morning for blood just in case. You should come and get only a cocktail.

Christopher D.
I have been here several times and each time has been enjoyable. I have not eaten here yet, but there are always people eating, and visiting on a Sunday...

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